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Thursday, March 4, 2010


The results are in: Unfortunately blog tv can't retrieve yesterday's interview with Maik Schaffer. They checked their server and there are no glitches or problems. They told me that one needs at least 300kbs upload speed for a show to appear but recommedn 400kbs. A bandwidth test on my machine and connection showed 307kbs speed, which is sufficient but may be the reason as to why some of the videos come up with error messages.

The sound quality has got nothing to do with these requirements as they come from the systems used between host and guest and we have already opted for professional equipment on our end.

We recently updated with eircom to 3mb but that's only the connection speed not the upload speed.

In short, most videos are fine while some recordings won't work meaning there is no recording for an archive later. Well, that's that. Thanks to blog tv as they were really quick!

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